Amber portrait

I’m Amber. Truth Seeker + Light Poet.

Photo taken by Sophia of Hi5Studio

Photo taken by Sophia of Hi5Studio


You are welcome here.

No matter your story, your orientation, your body size, your age, your skin colour, your personal beliefs.

You are worthy, of a place in front of my camera.

You don’t need to lose 10 pounds. You don’t need your business or life to look like everyone else’s. You don’t need to have everything put together and ready.

All I ask for is honesty + compassion towards yourself. In return I will give you the space to show up as you are. In this moment, and the next.


{{ on the theme of honesty : if there is something that doesn’t make you feel as welcome as you’d like to in front of my lens, please let me know. I want to do my best to create an inclusive space for you to be seen, heard, and witnessed fully. As part of my evolution as a photographer, and a human being on this planet. Your heart and desires are held safely here without judgement }}

Amber beach.jpg

My story.

Several years ago I fatefully chose the word Light as my word of the year.

Ever since, I’ve never looked at it the same way.

Yes, I love the light on its good days. Streaming magically through the trees all dreamy-like. But I’ve also come to love it on the gloomy grey days too.

Because magic happens in both these spaces. And Creating Light... it means finding your own even when you feel surrounded by shadow.

My business started from a very low + dark time in my life, where I had a moment of painful breaking that lead me on my current path. It was my search for the light that taught me an invaluable lesson;

Instead of depending on it to show up around me, I learned how to create my own light from deep inside myself.

Something I have with me at every moment. And you do too.

Amber Joshua Tree.png

I am

a writer, and a feeler.

someone who cries when she sees the trees.

a craver of wind whispers on skin.

equal parts homebody and world adventurer.

an awkward dancer, on purpose.

an independent spirit.

a deeply spiritual soul.

a creator of light.

Amber beach-2.jpg

A reminder.

Your light, it’s also your fire.

What are you going to do with it?


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