How do I know if this offering is right for me?

This offering is for the entrepreneur who is looking to elevate their brand over the next year, and is needing fresh image content on a regular basis (i.e. social media posts, newsletters blog posts etc.). It allows for a little more breathing room, and releases the pressure/rush to fit everything into one shoot. The Your Brand Seasons experience also has the bonus of built-in accountability. A chance to check-in with your brand four times a year, giving you the space to plan out your year, quarter by quarter.

I also suggest this for those who are looking for more than just a collection of photos. This experience is also very much a personal one. A chance to let yourself be seen and witnessed, and become more visible + confident. It gives you an opportunity to get really intentional about how you want to show up in the world, and for yourself. What an incredible gift for you and your business!

How long is each QUARTERLY SESSION?

Each seasonal photoshoot lasts approx. 2 hours. Incorporating hair + makeup will add 1.5 hours to the experience. This is often more than enough time to capture all we need.

What is included with hair + makeup?

As part of the Your Brand Seasons experience, there are two hair + makeup sessions included. You will be able to choose when you use them throughout the year. I match you with one of my hair + makeup artists, who are hand chosen experts in giving you a natural + elegant look. I want you to be able to feel like yourself (and not covered in 5 layers of makeup beyond recognition!). The artist will arrive before the photoshoot with all of their products and tools so you don’t have to worry about a thing! The whole process takes about 1.5 hours and you will be able to share your vision with your artist to create the look you want.


Do you have a studio space? Are location costs included?

Every photoshoot is so uniquely different, very much like each of my clients. I want each location to feel special, personal and resonate for you. I don’t have a studio for this reason. I want to make sure the location(s) we choose are in alignment and capture the energy / vibe you are desiring. This might look like renting a beautiful Airbnb, visiting a lush garden/forest, or stopping by your favourite cafe etc. I can provide additional assistance in finding the perfect location(s) for your photoshoot. *Extra location costs are not included, but I can help you to choose something that works for your brand and your budget.

How quickly are the photos delivered? How MANY IMAGES DO I GET?

Your gallery of images will arrive within 3 weeks of our photoshoot together. It will include 75+ photos with a variety of images (detail shots, portraits, lifestyle/action etc.) that have been stylistically edited and are ready to be used right away!

What if I desire extra Photo editing?

All photos include general editing (i.e. white balance, exposure, contrast, creative styling etc.). However I am no longer be photoshopping the faces or bodies of my clients. This is a personal decision and something that I am very passionate about. From a desire to change the conversation around body perception, and to share more realness by creating a safe space for you to be seen and accepted as you are. If intensive editing is something you desire, you may want to consider another photographer or I can refer you to a photo editor.

IS this offering available if I’m located In A DIFFERENT CITY?

Yes! I absolutely love visiting new cities + locations. If you are located outside of Toronto (within driving distance), travel costs are already included. For international destinations or other locations within Canada, a travel fee will be calculated individually based on flights/accommodation needs. Connect with me if you would like to design a custom Your Brand Seasons package!


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