Announcement: Photo Editing

hands typing on computer

There’s something I’ve wanted to announce for a while, and I’m finally doing it! ⠀

I am no longer photoshopping the faces or bodies of the people I photograph.⠀


This is a personal decision and something I’m very passionate about. ⠀

It is simply not my right to alter your image, identity and appearance in this way. I’m making this change to celebrate our humanness, and to bring to question our current standards and ideals of “beauty”. Because we’re damn beautiful as-is #IMHO. ⠀

Standard + stylistic editing (white balance etc.) will still be included, but major cosmetic alterations will not.

I want to change the conversation about our bodies. I want to share more realness. Less impossible perfection. To create a safe space for you to be seen and accepted as you are, right from the beginning.⠀

Are you with me??⠀


Photo of the inspiring Maria Roche of @skinwellnesstoronto

(She created an inspiring story series on photoshopping our pores and wrinkles, which helped give me the final nudge to post this!!)⠀