I see the process as an act of beautiful, poignant co-creation. My deepest wish is to have you walk away with photos that are deeply + innately aligned. Imagery that “feels” like you and represents your essence. I see myself as your guide and your mirror. I will lead you through the process, but I also want you as an integral part of creating the vision together. An opportunity to practice your intuition and expressing your truth… because it’s so incredibly powerful! It is not my goal to replicate a bunch of photos you found on Pinterest, but to document images that truly express YOUR soul + brand. I want to imbue your essence into every step, so you can truly see yourself and be seen.

It’s that feeling in your bones, the quiet knowing in your heart, the little nudges. They are present and show up when you are on the right path or doing something that is in deep alignment. This intuitive element is imbued into the entire process; how I work with your energy + essence, how we make decisions. Even down to choosing the clothing items you wear. Because all of this brings you back to you. I don’t believe in creating the vision for you, but with you. So we can design a photo experience that emanates every inch with YOU-ness. Not another replication. Not what everyone else is doing. I sincerely believe that we all have this deep intuitive knowing inside of us, and that magic is created when we surrender a little and let it lead the way. You have something so incredibly unique inside you. And I want to photograph THAT.

What do you mean by intuition?

How do I know if I’m ready for a photoshoot?

I want you to you feel it, deep in your soul. Yes, you might sense resistance, hesitation, or anxiety on the surface. But if underneath you feel a tingle of excitement and a strong pull of curiosity. It’s time.

Often clients come to me during a period of transition. Expanding into a new level of their business / life.

Expansion is exciting, and it can also bring up a lot! Clients often have worries about their bodies and being seen on camera. Or that they don’t have a fancy enough wardrobe, or that every detail of their brand image/offering isn’t sorted out. This is normal, welcomed and embraced.

I want you to know that you already have everything you need. In this moment, and the next. That there is a safe space for you to show up as you are. That humanness is part of the process. I promise to be your witness with full compassion. Placing your comfort and sense of safety at top of mind. You are supported, before, during and after the photoshoot. I hope you leave the experience being able to step into a more embodied + empowered version of yourself.

How long is A SESSION?

A standard Brand Essence Photoshoot is a full day experience and can last between 4-6 hours (including hair + makeup). This gives us space and time to capture all we need. It’s so important to leave room for flow, for depth. Tailoring it to your energy and how the day is going, and space if we need to travel to multiple locations. The Your Brand Seasons sessions are usually a little shorter since we work together four times throughout the year, but are definitely just as impactful.

What is included with hair + makeup?

I believe hair + make up can be a beautiful piece of self-care. It is the first thing you do when you arrive to the photoshoot. Giving you a moment to breathe, and let someone else take care of you. I match you with a hair + makeup artist, one of the hand-selected experts I have chosen to give you a natural + elegant look. I want you to be able to feel like yourself (and not covered in 5 layers of makeup beyond recognition!). The artist will arrive before the photoshoot with all of their products and tools so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The whole process takes about 1.5 hours and you will be able to share your vision with your artist to create the look you want.

Please note: the hair and makeup service is absolutely optional, so feel free to discuss this with me when you book a session.


Do you have a studio space? Are location costs included?

Every photoshoot is so uniquely different, very much like each of my clients. I want each location to feel special, personal and resonate for you. I don’t have a studio for this reason. I want to make sure the location(s) we choose are in alignment and capture the energy / vibe you are desiring. This might look like renting a beautiful Airbnb, visiting a lush garden/forest, or stopping by your favourite cafe etc. I can provide additional assistance in finding the perfect location(s) for your photoshoot. *Extra location costs are not included, but I can help you to choose something that works for your brand and your budget.

How quickly are the photos delivered? How MANY IMAGES DO I GET?

There is so much magic that happens before the photoshoot even begins. We start the process with an envisioning session, 4-5 weeks before our photoshoot date. I do recommend checking my availability if you are looking to schedule a session (I often book out several months in advance). Since I don’t heavily photoshop my images (see question below for more on this), this allows for me to give you more images rather than less. Within 3 weeks of our photoshoot, your gallery will arrive complete with a personal collection of 100+ photos that are ready to use right away!

What if I desire extra Photo editing?

All photos include general editing (i.e. white balance, exposure, contrast, creative styling etc.). However I am no longer photoshopping the faces or bodies of my clients. This is a personal decision and something that I am very passionate about. As a desire to change the conversation around body perception, and to share more realness by creating a safe space for you to be seen and accepted as you are. If intensive editing is something you need, you may want to consider another photographer or I can refer you to a photo editor.

Do you travel?

Yes!!! I absolutely love visiting new cities + locations. There’s something so special about photographing someone in the place they call home, or traveling alongside them on an adventure. If you are located outside of Toronto (within driving distance) travel fees are included. For international destinations or other locations within Canada, I would love to create a tailored photo experience for you that incorporates all the travel costs + details based on your desired location. Check out the Retreats + Travel page to learn more about creating a custom travel package!

Are you ready to book a Session? Or Have additional questions?