1. How do I know if I’m ready for a branding photoshoot?

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Are you desiring high quality image content that deeply reflects the essence and energy of your brand? Are you starting to realize that selfies and those photos taken 5 years ago aren’t cutting anymore?

If you feel like it is time, deep in your soul. I would be honoured to document the next evolution of your business with you.

You might be worried about your body and being seen on camera. Or that you don’t have a fancy wardrobe. Or that not every detail of your brand image + offerings is all sorted out. This is normal + welcomed and embraced!

I want you to know that you already have everything you need. In this moment, and the next. That there is a safe space for you to show up as you are. That this humanness is part of the process. I promise to be your guide + witness with full compassion and place your comfort at top of mind. you are supported. Before, during and after the photoshoot, so that you can leave the experience feeling empowered, expansive and fully seen.

2. How long is the photoshoot?

A standard Brand Essence Photoshoot lasts approx. 5 hours ( 3-4 hours of photos + 1.5 hours hair /makeup). For most clients this is more than enough time to capture all we need (and leaves some wiggle room and creates flow to the day, tailoring it to your energy and how the day is going).

3. What is included with a hair + makeup session?

I match you with one of my hand-selected artists that do an amazing job of giving you a natural + elegant look for your photoshoot. It’s important that you feel and look like yourself (so I promise that they won’t be covering you in 5 layers of makeup beyond recognition!) but instead working with you to creating a beautiful elevated look, so that you can look your best on camera. They arrive before the photoshoot with all of their products and tools (so you don’t have to worry about a thing), and the whole process takes about 1.5 hours. You will be able to give them direction as you co-create the look you want. Ultimately the hair and makeup is optional, so feel free to discuss that with me when/if we decide to work together.


4. Do you have a studio space? Are location costs included?

Since every photoshoot is different, any extra location costs are not included. I want each location to feel special, personal and resonate for you. I don’t have a studio for this same reason. So this is something that is customized to each person and each shoot to make sure it’s in alignment and captures the energy + vibe you are desiring. This might look like renting a beautiful Airbnb, visiting a lush garden/forest, or stopping by your favourite cafe etc. To help you decide, as a client you will recieve access to the exclusive Client Locations Library, which will help you to find the perfect location(s) for your photoshoot. All the pricing + info is included there so that you can choose something that works for your brand and your budget.

5. How long does the process take? How quickly are the photos delivered?

The pre-shoot process usually takes about a month, from your envisioning session to the shoot date. Once we’ve taken photos together, your gallery of images will arrive withing 3 weeks of our photoshoot. It will include photos with a variety of images (detail shots, portraits, lifestyle/action etc.) that have been stylistically edited and are ready to be used right away!

6. What if I desire extra editing?

Standard image editing is included in the offering (i.e. white balance, exposure, contrast, creative styling etc.). I have recently decided that I am no longer photoshopping the faces or bodies of my clients. This is a personal decision and something that I am very passionate about. This came out of a desire to support the practice of non-photoshopped images. To change the conversation around body perception, and to share more realness by creating a safe space for you to be seen and accepted as you are. If this is something you are still desiring I can refer you to an editor of mine.

7. Do you travel?

Yes absolutely, I love visiting you in your city! Outside of Toronto (within Ontario) I charge a daily travel rate of $75 +hst to cover the cost of renting a vehicle. For other locations within Canada or flying internationally, travel costs will be calculated individually based on flights/accommodation needs. Check out the Travel + Retreats page to learn more and create a custom travel package for you!

Interested in working together?