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Our Sisters

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Let's throw away the yard sticks.

Stop looking at others and cutting them down in our minds to build ourselves up. 

Let's stop the measuring. Stop judging the distance between each other. Stop trying to constantly find our place in the pack. Of thinking we're better, or kicking ourselves for feeling lesser than. 

Because those imagined faults are just fractured mirrors of our own inner critics.

As a women I've been guilty of cutting down others of my gender. My mind populating with thoughts of cruel comparison. So that I can feel mighty, for a moment. To feel that little bit bigger. And within the same breath, judging myself just as harshly. 

These past few years I've learned the importance of sisterhood. Of being more intentional about supporting and not reducing the women in my life. The girl on the subway, the woman at work, our best friend, our mother, the lady standing next to us in the elevator. 

Because by lifting others we are also elevating ourselves. When we stop comparing and start caring about the women beside us, I believe that they can fill our lives with much more than what they can take away.

Sacha - Forest Goddess

I have never seen a better example of this than Sacha. A wonderful soul that devotes her time and dazzling energy towards elevating the lives of women. Acting as a vibrant, compassionate, and kick-ass springboard, empowering their relationship with themselves, their lives, their power and and what makes them feel most alive.

Even during the short time I have known her, she has filled our moments together with so much colour. Whether it be over coffee, or during our forest photoshoot playing among the kaleidoscope of fall leaves. She has such a beautiful, unabashed passion for living. Her light and her words are an inspiration. 

Sacha - portrait, laughter

What makes you feel most connected to your work, your wellbeing and body, and your sense as a woman?

Being able to reach out and make a difference with women who are change makers and heart-centred humans is one of the biggest forces that pulls me forward in my work. To be able to act as a trampoline for another females dreams, hopes and ambitions (and have them reach higher) is the biggest reason I do what I do and the 'why' behind my work. I truly believe that as women fall more in love with themselves and are empowered to speak up, act out and stand up for what they believe, this planet will transform, heal and regain peace.

Sacha Portrait

Making sure to be that same way with myself is how I make sure and integrate this with my own well-being and body. Allowing my work to be fuelled by my intuition and listening to what my heart is saying is how I best serve me. As a woman I have the incredible ability to create life from scratch and so my body is this extraordinary vessel that allows me to impact the world. Being sure to honor that by being in flow rather than force along with deep nourishing self-care are some of the ways I do that in my life.

As woman being in 'sisterhood" is the biggest and best way to stay connected to my sense as woman. Whether they are biological or not, surrounding myself with amazing females is one of the most nourishing and sourceful experiences in my life.

Sacha_portrait leaves

We live in such separate, compartmentalized worlds now and the sense of belonging, community, tribe and sisterhood are long forgotten. My access to feeling the most alive come from allowing my heart to open up to other women and being a safe space for theirs so that our beauty, grace, magic and power are reflected back to us in our connections. 

Sacha_portrait with tree

What do you want most for the women in your life and that you work with?

If I were to really look at what difference I want to make on the planet it would for sure be that women feel empowered to live out loud, on purpose and unapologetically true to who they are. 

But if I look even deeper at what I want MOST for the women in my life and the ones I work with it would be that they are so madly head-over-fucking-heels in love with themselves that they can't help but wink at themselves in every reflective surface they pass. 

That the woman they see looking back in their reflection is their biggest source of power, truth, strength and love. That when they say "I love you" to the mirror the woman looking back at them believes it. 

Sacha Lalla | Feminine Leadership Expert 

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