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Holistic Connection

[Portrait 29]

I never get over how small the world is sometimes. And how much easier it is today to find those kindred spirits through our online spaces. Although the interactions usually consist of the friendly "like" and comments voicing admiration on the latest post, there are times when this extends into everyday life. 

I've been following Jaclyn, the writer and photographer behind Holistic Foodie for some time now. Often drooling over her heavenly healthy creations (blueberry coconut yogurt anyone??!) and connecting over our mutual adoration of cookbooks. When I found out from one of her posts that we lived in the same city, I knew I had to connect and include her in 100 Portraits

And can we please give this lovely lady a big huge hug and CONGRATS! Not only is she going to be launching her new website soon, but she just graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. No small feat, especially when rocking a day job. 

It is obvious that she is passionate about what she eats and we share many similar thoughts about food, and health and connecting to the world. I asked her this question: 

How do you make time to connect with the world around you? Your loved ones, nature, your body & well being, your dreams and desires?

She answers...

"The last two years while working a full time job, going to school part time and also working part time on the weekends at a second job have taught me how important it is to make time to connect to the world. Unfortunately, I am not always the best at doing this and when I don’t find that time, I am left feeling anxious. I am always trying to promote a healthy, holistic lifestyle and sometimes I forget to practice what I preach. Since graduating from school, I have made it a point to try and take that time to connect with things around me. This can be as simple as going to the farmers markets on the weekend and taking time to connect to nature and the environment and the food that nourishes my body and soul.

Taking time to connect to my dreams and desires is also important and I have been able to do this with the creation of a vision board for myself. Visualizing my success and writing down my goals, inspirations and dreams are such a powerful way to stay connected to them and work towards them becoming reality. 

I make time to stay connected to my loved ones by turning off distractions when we get together, so that I am fully present in the moment. Social media is a wonderful tool, but it’s also quite distracting, so when I have the time with my friends and family, I enjoy each and every delicious moment without interruption.

I make time to connect with my body by listening to it, without trying to quiet it with drugs or other medications. Each symptom that our body relays to us has meaning and I try my best to understand where it is coming from rather than trying to get rid of it.

Upon waking every morning, I tell myself that something wonderful will happen today and I truly believe that.

By taking that one moment for myself before the day starts or I even get out of bed, I have now set my intention for the day as well as my mood and this has truly made a difference."

Jaclyn is an inspiring example of connecting to her passion and doing the hard work to make her dreams a reality. I'm so beyond excited for her and all that she will do and create.

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