Creating Light photo adventures & inspiring stories.


So you may have noticed some changes around here! Not just spring cleaning, but a full overhaul complete with a new name & look.

Amber Ellis Creative Studio is now officially Creating Light Studio. Which may not come as a complete surprise if you've followed the recent Women Creating Light project & gallery show.

After some thought I decided to take the leap and change the name because there was something that resounded so deeply with what it means. Not only does it encapsulate everything I try to do with photography, but the act of creating light enters into every corner of the process. Finding the best light in the physical sense, but also capturing the special radiance of each person that finds their way in front of my lens.

Amber_ Self Portrait

I believe we should all feel beautiful in our own skin. To feel confident. To be seen. Our talent, creativity, our love & commitment, our laugh & personalities, our passion and purpose. Through photography, I love bringing out that light within people. Whether you're a heart-driven business woman, passionate blogger or just a beautiful human soul.

So I encourage you to take a peek around this colourful, light filled corner of the internet.

And of course I would love to connect with you!

I have a feeling Summer 2015 is going to filled with fun creative projects and new connections (wink wink!). Click CONNECT to shoot me any ideas & shoot requests (and hellos!)

Much love!!