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Women Creating Light | Josie

There was a time just over a year ago that the light in my life was rather clouded. I sought out a life coach to walk me through some dark and emotional times in the effort to make some big changes. I wanted to live my life more fully, with intention, and to have the work that I do reflect that. And now a year later, there has been such a shift. I would say that it was big, but more accurately consists of a series of small every day work-hard-at-it shifts. But when I look back, I'm extremely grateful for all that I've learned and those that have played a part in helping me along the way. 


Josie Smith is a very special soul. When I met her for our first coaching session I felt an instant connection. I can tell you first hand that she puts a lot of heart into what she does. She is the creator behind Soul Leap, a coaching business that helps people to become the directors of their own lives. To compliment this, she is also a certified yoga teacher and leads soul retreats around the world to places such as Eleuthera, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Huntsville, Ontario. Which means turning off your phone, taking off your mask, sandy toes, food adventures, and lots of laughs and learning (where can I sign up?? actually!).

I love how she coaches on a mental level as well as physical. So often the dialogue in our heads has the ability both to hurt and heal our physical selves. The work that Josie does is powerful, and helps to create the "heart space" we really need.


Read through Josie's soul filled answers to the WCL questions below:

What drives you?

A deep appreciation of our collective human desire to understand, create meaning and grow beyond our preconceived definitions of “I am”. My company name Soul Leap sums up this shift from operating in old habitual ways of being and believing to operating from an informed place of greater self acceptance and understanding. This is where genuine desires can be heard and inspired living can begin to take real shape in our everyday experiences.

What is your mission? To love. To see and be seen.

Was there a key moment that made it all worth it?

One key moment that stands out for me was the culmination of my first Soul Leap Retreat in Costa Rica, April of 2006. I was really stepping out of my comfort zone and took a big soul leap into running an international retreat and combining my favourite things, yoga, travel and coaching – my big dream being realized right before my eyes. I stretched every definition of who I thought I was and what I thought I was capable of! It was so thrilling and so scary and so rewarding. Everything you can imagine could go wrong went wrong on that retreat: missed flights, sprained ankles, broken down quads in the dark, eye infections – you name it; but despite all of these hiccups what people walked away with was magic. We saw one another, we supported one another, we helped one another other squirm out of the skins that where holding us back and found our wings. It was so inspiring and to this day has held me so powerfully in the desire to create “intimacy bubbles” all over the world!


What is your favourite way to nourish your body and soul?

Outside of my devotion to getting 7-8hrs of sleep a night and practicing yoga (even though I definitely compromise when my soul needs a dance floor), my favourite way to nourish body and soul is through food. Food for me is an experience, a total adventure and one that I’m holy and completely invested in from start to finish. One of my absolute favourite things to prepare is a roasted chicken with a great white wine gravy, roasted heirloom carrots and a bit of whipped garlic potatoes, it’s just so comforting. The smells, the herbs, the warm oven on a fall’s day make me purr with delight and feel a tremendous amount of gratitude.

When do I feel the most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when I feel seen. Let me explain, we all have days when we feel we don’t look our best or we’re having a bad hair day and it’s true, we do at times physically look better than others. Don’t get me wrong I love when my clothes feel comfy and I know I’ve been honoring my body with healthy foods and exercise. But what truly touches me and makes me feel so beautiful even if I’m not looking my best is

"...when someone sees me, my light, my smile, my love for them, my kindness; that is when I feel the most beautiful."

Any additional advice?

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” – Joseph Campbell

There will never be anyone like you. You are one of a kind and in that knowing trust that your uniqueness whatever that may be is what makes you so very special.

Be all of you, with no excuses or apology.

Be weird, be quirky, be strong, be bold, be funny or be serious, just be you and the world will marvel at your essence with out a wink of consternation.