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100 Portraits

This year's word is CONNECT.

How often do you truly feel connected to your loved ones? Your body & health? Your work and your heart? The depths of your humanness? I chose this word because I was feeling a disconnect. With so many things. And I wanted to start practicing intention, and also create a deeper connection with the beautiful souls that I photograph.

So I'm giving myself the somewhat overly ambitious challenge of taking 100 portraits this year (gulp!) to tie in with the #the100dayproject.

All of the photographs will be posted on my PROJECTS page. But I wanted to share some featurette stories here.

And today I would like you to meet Davida.

A lovely vibrant gal that I was connected to through the wonderful community of Canadian food bloggers (sending FBC some love!). She is clearly a passionate, talented woman with amazingly contagious energy.

When I walked up the steps to Barre3 where we decided to meet (side note: such a lovely space!), I was immediately made to feel at home. Connected by our interest in all things health, food, & exercise. When reading her website, I especially loved her words on redefining our ideas of being "fit", and practicing more intuitive eating/exercise. AND of course all her yummydelicious recipes.

She describes herself as the writer, photographer and babbling foodie behind her blog, The Healthy Maven. She strives to live a life of balance, full of kale and red wine, exercise and netflix binges and globe-trotting adventures. Davida lives by the motto "if not now, when?" because there is no day like today to turn dreams into reality.

"How you choose to spend your Saturday afternoons is your calling in life".

"...Not in my wildest dreams did I expect that my calling would be health and wellness blog, but I trusted in her words and I've never looked back." - Davida

Thank you for being wonderful Davida!

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