Hello dear light creator!

My name is Amber.

I'm a personal branding photographer passionate about creating beautiful + powerful imagery for soulful entrepreneurs and their brands.


 Creating Light Studio was created out of a desire to take a leap. An undeniable whisper that each moment might be our last. I believe we should make the most of these moments and live a life that's aligned with our purpose + heart. To fill our time with the work, people, and experiences that light up our soul.

I struggled to find my own light for some time. This involved many years hiding behind a smaller version of myself. It wasn't until I started listening to the desires of my soul that I chose to define my own terms for happiness and living fully.

Amber portrait_sunshine silouette

I believe we should all feel beautiful in our own skin.

To feel confident. To be truly seen.

Seen for your talent, and creativity. Your passion and what makes your heart beat. Your laugh and the things that fill your life with purpose + joy.

Through branding and portrait photography I love bringing out the light within people. Whether you're a purpose-driven business owner, a passionate creator or a beautiful human soul.

I would love to work with YOU. And everything that you are.

Amber Portrait Smiling

Your life is your masterpiece. Let's capture it and make it shine.

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